Quiz Questions about the Tenth Doctor Who

David Tennant as Dr Who with a Cyberman and the Tardis

You’ve found our Dr Who Quiz Questions about the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) who took over from Christopher Ecclestone in 2005. Tennant held the key to the TARDIS until 2010 when he was replaced by the talented Matt Smith.
These are some fairly hard Dr Who Quiz questions so only serious Dr Who fans will have a fair chance of getting them all right …. there are no easy ones like ‘What does TARDIS stand for?’! To make it even harder still, don’t look at the multiple choice answers we’ve given as clues. The answers can be found at the very bottom of this page. “ALLONS-Y !”

Question 1: In “New Earth” (Series 2, Episode 1), what is the name of Cassandra’s faithful servant?
(a) Chep (b) Chip (c) Chup

Question 2: In “Rise of the Cybermen” (Series 2, Episode 5) what is the name of the underground organisation who are dedicated to the downfall of Cybus Industries and the Cybermen?
(a) The Preachers (b) The Teachers (c) The Resistance

Question 3: In “The Age of Steel” (Dr Who Series 2, Episode 6), which famous London landmark is used by Lumic as a base for converting humans into Cybermen?
(a) Battersea Power Station (b) The O2 Dome (c) The Tower of London

Question 4: What was the name of the interactive Dr Who ‘mini-episode’ that was first broadcast on 25th December 2005 via the BBC’s Red Button service (and later released as an online game)?
(a) Revenge of the Graske (b) Day of the Graske (c) Attack of the Graske

Question 5: Between January 2006 and April 2006 there were thirteen ‘mini episodes’ recorded which were prequels to the next episode to be screened. What were these mini episodes called?
(a) Doctisodes (b) Tardisodes (c) Whoisodes

Question 6: In Series 3, Episode 7, how many minutes do The Doctor and Martha have before the cargo ship they’re summoned to is destroyed when it crashes into a sun?
(a) 34 minutes (b) 38 minutes (c) 42 minutes

Question 7: In “Blink” (Series 3, Episode 10), what is the name of the main female character?
(a) Sally Sparrow (b) Sarah Sparrow (c) Susie Sparrow

Question 8: In “Last of the Time Lords” (Series 3, Episode 13), what is the name of the flying metal spheres (which were actually cyborgs) unleashed by The Master?
(a) The Loctafane (b) The Foclatane (c) The Toclafane

Question 9: There’s some timey-wimey time travel involved with this question! Which companion of the eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) made their first Doctor Who appearance in David Tennant’s episode titled “The Fires of Pompeii” (Series 4, Episode 2)?
(a) Karen Gillan (b) Arthur Darvill (c) Jenna-Louise Coleman

Question 10: When the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Ecclestone) regenerated into the Tenth Doctor, what was the first thing that David Tennant said to Rose Tyler?
(a) “Hello …. OK … new hair … that’s weird”
(b) “Hello …. OK … new teeth … that’s weird”
(c) “Hello …. OK … new clothes … that’s weird”


Trivia Quiz Answers Warning

Answer 1: (b) Chip

Answer 2: (a) The Preachers

Answer 3: (a) Battersea Power Station

Answer 4: (c) Attack of the Graske

Answer 5: (b) Tardisodes

Answer 6: (c) 42 minutes

Answer 7: (a) Sally Sparrow

Answer 8: (c) The Toclafane

Answer 9: (a) Karen Gillan (but not as Amy Pond, she was playing a ‘Soothsayer’).

Answer 10: (b) “Hello …. OK … new teeth … that’s weird”

We hope you enjoyed this Dr Who quiz about the tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

Keep checking back for more multiple choice Dr Who quizzes featuring Matt Smith, David Ecclestone and (of course) their enemies and time travelling companions.