Compass Points Worksheet

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Our Points of the Compass Worksheet for children is a fun and engaging way to help kids learn about the relative directions of North, South, East and West. Whilst a magnetic compass is quite a rare sight these days – because everybody has become dependent on sat-navs and iPhone apps – it’s still just as important for children to learn about the points of the compass and understand how they are still an important aspect of the digital maps that most of us now use. Our free printable ‘Points of the Compass’ Worksheet challenges children to move around a grid to collect letters which will spell eight different words all connected with travel and compasses. Once they’ve mastered moving North, South, East and West around the worksheet they could start to be introduced to the concept of North-East, South-West, etc. and maybe compass bearings too.

Preview of Printable Points of the Compass Worksheet

Points Of The Compass Worksheet

The printable worksheet is designed to make children repeat the process of moving around a grid following the directions provided. For each answer to be found there is a starting point (a red number) and children then count a given number of squares in a given direction to collect the letters. So, for example, the instruction S6 means that they should move across the worksheet’s letter grid in a Southerly direction for a total count of 6 squares. If they get it right they’ll collect the right letters to make eight different words.

Preview of Printable Points of the Compass Worksheet Answer Sheet

Points of the Compass Worksheet Answers

This copy of the worksheet provides the answers. If you don’t want to print it off the answers are as follows:

  • travel
  • journey
  • distance
  • compass
  • navigate
  • bearing
  • explore
  • direction