Common Noun Worksheets

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Our free printable Common Nouns Worksheet with clear explanatory text provide three basic noun exercises that are suitable for KS1 and KS2, junior school or elementary school aged children who are ready to learn about common nouns and how they form the basic building blocks of the English language.

Please take into account that our nouns worksheet and the nouns exercises only provide a simple basic introduction to nouns and how they may refer to a person, place or a thing. Our sheet does not extend as far as nouns describing ideas, quantities, quality or events; words and sentence structure on the handouts are kept as simple as possible too so as not to detract from the principle learning objective of the exercise.

Preview of Common Nouns Worksheet

Common Nouns Worksheet

Our free common nouns worksheet for children is provided in Adobe PDF format to download or print by clicking the link above. It provides a double-sided A4 sheet with an explanation of common nouns and three noun exercises which challenge kids to classify nouns (person, place or thing), identify nouns in a sentence, and also to think up their own sentences

Preview of Common Nouns Worksheet Answer Sheet

Answers For Common Nouns Worksheet

The answer sheet is an identical copy of the above instruction/question sheet with the exception that all of the answers to the noun exercises are provided. Teachers or parents will need to use their own judgement when marking Exercise 3 in which children write their own sentences and try to incorporate their own choice of common nouns.

If you’ve found these sheets useful then why not try our Proper Noun Worksheet for children which expands the subject area to describe the important difference between common nouns and proper nouns.