Christmas Quiz 2021 about Twitter Popularity

twitter birds with love hearts for christmas quiz

Christmas is a time for quizzes. Christmas is also a time for turning off our social media … but if you still need a Twitter buzz over the Holidays we can help. Look no further than our annual ‘Twitter Popularity’ Christmas quiz for 2021 which tests your knowledge of who has the most followers. Perfect for a family get together you can have the most fun by playing our 2021 Xmas family quiz in several small teams to see who gets the best score. Just print it, cut it and play it. We’ve provided the answers too of course.

The names Noah, Jack, Biz and Evan probably don’t mean much to you but if they all turn up together for Christmas dinner you’re probably hosting the four founders of Twitter so you should thank them for making this quiz possible both before and after the main course. Way back in 2006 they launched Twitter and within just six years they had amassed 100 million users … they now have more than 300 million users and counting. Our ‘Twitter Popularity’ Christmas quiz for 2021 is most suited to teenagers and adults; it may very well be lost on younger children along with most people of a certain age who still haven’t yet quite mastered social media or who bluntly refuse to have anything to do with it!

Preview image of Christmas Quiz about Twitter Followers

Our quiz is super simple. All you need to do is rank the Top 20 Twitter accounts from ‘most followers’ to ‘least followers’. The number of followers we have used were correct on December 1st 2021 so no complaints if all our quiz data is wrong by December 25th. We’ve also included the Twitter accounts that have Rank 50 and Rank 100 too to properly test your knowledge of who is in and who is out. You lose 50 points if you guess Rank 100 incorrectly so give it some serious thought!

Second preview image of Christmas Quiz about Twitter Followers

The printable quiz has two sheets. The second sheet (see thumbnail left) contains all the names of the Top Twenty Twitter account holders that you need to cut out and move about on the first sheet until you are happy with your rankings.

Open and print our 2021 Family Christmas Twitter Quiz here (available in the first week of December 2021). The answer sheet for this quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

Here is the answer sheet to our 2021 Christmas Quiz about Twitter Popularity (available in the first week of December 2021).