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Safety & Health Resources

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Our Safety and Health Advice for Children covers important issues like stranger danger, home hazards, bullying, road safety, online risks and much more. The home and classroom resources we’ve found or created for you include free colouring sheets, keep-safe quizzes, printable safety posters, games and fun ‘Spot the Hazard’ worksheets to help children of all ages with personal safety whether at home or out with friends.

It’s never too early to educate children about healthy lifestyles, personal safety and the dangers they encounter from day to day. Whether it’s chemicals or electricity around the home, a stranger at the park, Facebook predators, bullies, or crossing a busy road there are many excellent on-line teaching aids to drive home the message of ‘Safety First’. Our collection of links and resources like ‘Spot the Hazard’ worksheets can provide valuable safety and health advice for children; we hope they will help both parents at home and teachers at school or in a pre-school nursery.

Our unique Printable ‘Stranger Danger’ Worksheets and colouring pages promote personal safety by providing a condensed guide to important concepts such as ‘What is a Stranger?’, safe strangers, safe places and identifying suspicious behaviour. There’s also advice on ‘Yell and Tell’, abduction and ideas for role-play.

Stranger Danger Websites for children including free colouring pages, quizzes and videos. Teaching children of any age to ‘Just Say NO To Strangers’ gives the confidence and assertiveness they need if threatened or confronted by a stranger or even somebody that they know and trust. Our list of Stranger Danger Resources provide a useful library of informative websites that are able to offer valuable advice on personal safety, free printable leaflets, printables, etc. to parents, teachers and carers on the subject of self-help for kids and keeping children safe from harm.

With mental health in mind we began a set of Worry and Anxiety Help Sheets in May 2019. It’s a ‘work in progress’ but will continue to grow as time allows. It attempts to simplify this very important area of mental health in children and young teenagers and provide print-outs to support discussion and self-help.

Internet Safety Posters are a simple and effective way of reminding children about the importance of online safety and stranger danger on the web. Our unique set of free printable internet safety posters provide tips on how kids and teenagers can stay safe on social media, when chatting online, messaging or surfing. We’ve also created a two-player Internet Safety Word Search to print out.

Hazards Around The Home and personal safety are easily explained to young children thanks to some great free websites that include interactive on-line games and ‘Spot The Hazard’ worksheets. Chemicals, electricity, sharp objects, hot surfaces, etc., are found in every home or garden so be prepared!

Our ‘What is Bullying?’ Colouring Pages make great worksheets about personal safety and wellbeing and help children and young people to understand what actions constitute bullying and to explore the negative and very hurtful effect on victims. The free printable Adobe PDF sheets that we have created cover such important aspects of bullying as verbal and physical abuse, exclusion, lies and gossip. Help With Bullying includes links to free worksheets, cartoons, pamphlets, etc., on how to tackle bullying at school or outside of school, and promoting self confidence and self esteem for children that have become victims of bullies or cyberbullies.

Road Safety Education including links to ‘Tales of the Road’ (replacing the Hedgehog Campaign) and cycling. The very famous ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ message is as important today as it was in the Seventies when we first saw the Green Cross Code Man showing us how to cross a road.

Fire Safety Advice at home and away from home not only includes the dangers of playing with matches and the consequences of playing with fire but also the fire hazards associated with electricity, bonfires and fireworks. Free teaching materials include quizzes, worksheets, safety posters and colouring pages.

Our printable Sun Safety Wordsearch Puzzle has twelve different words to find which are all linked to staying safe in the sun. In conjunction with a full lesson on this important subject our printable sun safety wordsearch can reinforce the importance of being sensible to avoid dehydration, or skin damage from UV rays.

Kids’ Water Safety Advice applies equally at home or by a river, canal, lake or at the sea. Teach kids the Water Safety Code and how to stay alive with the help of some free on-line resources including colouring pictures, puzzles and quizzes.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices every day means eating sensibly, getting some exercise, getting plenty of sleep and looking after our bodies. It’s important for young children and teenagers alike to understand that the decisions they make for themselves today will not only affect their health now but also their health well into the future.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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