Children’s Environment Resources

Happy Earth Day logo showing planet earth and the date 22nd April

Across the globe, children and adults are taking important action towards becoming environmentally friendly under the memorable banner of “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Another important campaign that keeps us focussed on the value of recycling rather than carelessly discarding food and waste to landfill is “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Replace”. To help educate children and teenagers about local issues – like travel reduction – and wider issues – like the destruction of the rainforests and endangered rainforest animals – we continue to research and create free environmental resources for use at schools, colleges and home.

To date, we can offer:  

image of two footprints in the style of green leaves to represent a green footprint

Our collection of Children’s Environment Quizzes and worksheets are not just fun and educational but also have the potential to encourage individuals to change their lifestyle for the good of our environment and the whole planet. Topics cover all of the important areas you would expect like global warming, the ozone layer, recycling and carbon footprints.

Global Warming Resources providing quick and relevant links to web pages that are devoted to explaining global warming and its causes like CO2, methane and other gases creating a ‘greenhouse effect’ and leading to climate change. There are games and quizzes for younger children plus plenty of pages of more detailed scientific facts and figures for older children and teenagers. Are you anywhere near being carbon neutral ?!

Drawing Practice for Rainforest Animals is easy with our free and original enlargement/copying worksheets. There are printable pictures of a tree frog, tapir, parrot, snake (emerald boa) and jaguar; children can enjoy learning to draw them using the grid provided and maybe colour them in too. Great for a rainforest project with simple and difficult drawing outlines to suit children of different ages and abilities.

Image of a sad polar bear floating on melting ice

 Our collection of original Endangered Animal Colouring Pages help with research and school projects by providing you with a choice of free printable colouring pages in PDF format. Images include the Philippine eagle, the beautiful Siberian tiger andcheeky little golden lion tamarin monkey which can all stimulate further researchTest

Colouring Pages of Endangered & Threatened Animals provides free printable pages for all ages. From jaguars and tapirs of the rainforest, to dolphins and turtles in the ocean, to the grizzly bear in the USA, kids can learn while doing what they love best …… colouring in !