Kids’ Easter Quiz Questions

easter logo with eggs for easter quiz

Our free printable Easter Quiz Questions (with answers of course) gives you ten trivia, biblical and general knowledge questions all themed on Easter traditions and history including quiz questions on chocolate eggs and the Easter Bunny. Much like Christmas time, Easter is celebrated by Christians, atheists and agnostics alike. Whether through dedicated church services remembering Jesus Christ’s resurrection on the third day after his crucifixion …. or just buying eggs and filling their houses with Easter Bunny decorations …. most families get involved to some extent.

Two Easter Bunnies Holding Easter Eggs

Our ten Easter quiz questions challenge kids and teens with trivia and general knowledge questions including some of the following themes and traditions:
– the origins of the word ‘Easter’
– its date and the religious period preceding it
– the history of chocolate eggs
– a record breaking chocolate egg
– the White House Easter tradition of ‘Egg Rolling’
– origins of the Easter Bunny

Looks like the time has finally come for us to be a bit more grown up! For the first 10 years of we were solely focussed on producing content for kids and teenagers but we think we’ve been ‘missing a trick’ by not extending our subject matter into the curious world of adults and parents. As always we have a lot to say about – well – everything really and this new avenue will let us explore products, knowledge, experiences and services that we think will bring many benefits to our older visitors.

Preview of Easter Quiz Question Sheet

Download and print our free Children’s Easter Quiz Sheet with 10 multiple choice questions. It’s a single page Adobe PDF document.

Now download or view the Answers To Our Easter Quiz Questions. It’s in Adobe PDF format too.

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