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Bonfire Night Colouring for November 5th

Family watching a fireworks display over a city

Celebrate bonfire night with our free collection of printable Colouring Pictures of Fireworks which will help November 5th go with a bang. Children get excited at this special time of year when the sky is filled with bright flashes, whizzes, pops, whistles and amazing explosions of colour so it’s a great time to encourage some classroom activities with our PDF format colouring pages of fireworks, bonfires and (of course) the notorious Guy Fawkes who started the tradition.

“Remember remember the 5th of November, For gunpowder, treason and plot …..”. Guy Fawkes is the famous historical character that conspired to blow up the English Parliament in 1605 …. over 30 barrels of gunpowder were found hidden in a cellar and Guy Fawkes’s plot was thwarted. One of our free printables is themed on Guy Fawkes.

Follow The Fireworks Code! … November 5th safety worksheets are freely available on other websites. The safety advice in the Fireworks Code includes guidance on pets, reading instructions with a torch and not a flame, keeping the fireworks box closed when not in use, and the dangers of returning to a lit firework if it hasn’t gone off. STAY SAFE.

Preview of Guy Fawkes Colouring Page

Guy Fawkes Colouring Page

The notorious Guy Fawkes is famous for his ‘gunpowder plot’ in 1605 to blow up the English Houses of Parliament. An anonymous letter to the authorities, however, warned of the gunpowder treason plot and Fawkes was arrested on 5th November 1605. Our free printable colouring picture of Guy Fawkes includes a portrait style line drawing of Guy Fawkes with gunpowder barrels in the background. The barrels of gunpowder are shown stored in a cellar underneath the Houses of Parliament in London. Use on its own or maybe incorporate it into a set of worksheets.

Preview of November 5th Colouring Page

November 5th Colouring Page

The night of November 5th (also known as Fireworks Night or Bonfire Night) is a magical occasion filled with excitement, colour and explosions filling the night sky. (Sometimes even a stuffed Guy on a bonfire although that tradition has largely disappeared now.)

Our printable November 5th colouring page has large text for children to colour in plus plenty of stars and flashes and bursts and bangs from fireworks like rockets catherine wheels and roman candles.

Preview of Sparklers Colouring Page

Sparklers Colouring Picture

Most kids (and adults!) love waving sparklers around in the darkness to enjoy the bright light and showers of sparks that they give off.

Please take care because Sparklers stay hot for a long time after they have finished burning ….. make sure there is a bucket of water available to safely drop them in. Sparklers are responsible for many burns and accidents so always supervise children carefully.

Preview of Roman Candle Colouring Page

Roman Candle Colouring Page

Everybody’s favourite! Roman candles are fireworks that are placed firmly into the ground and when the fuse is lit they fire off bright and colourful showers of sparks and stars into the night sky.

Some roman candles just give a small display whilst others might fire stars high into the dark night sky with lots of loud bangs, whistles, pops and explosions. Traffic light roman candles which fire out a sequence of red, yellow and green lights are always popular too.

Preview of Children watching Bonfire Colouring Page

Colouring Sheet of Children Around Bonfire

This PDF colouring picture shows three children dressed-up in warm clothes watching a blazing bonfire and enjoying a fireworks display.

You’ll notice the three children in the image are staying safe on November 5th by visiting a properly organised and supervised event and watching the bonfire and the fireworks from behind a safety rope.

This sheet could be incorporated into a Fireworks Code safety pack for kids or maybe as the basis for printable safety worksheets.

Preview of Fireworks Code Colouring Page

Fireworks Code Colouring Page

This printable colouring page reminds children and adults the importance of ‘SAFETY FIRST’ i.e. to always follow the Fireworks Code to ensure that everybody is safe around fireworks and bonfires.

Free printable firework safety worksheets for children and ‘Spot the Hazard’ sheets are available on many other good websites; they’re fun firework activities for reinforcing important safety messages to kids at this exciting but also potentially hazardous time of year.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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