Adsense Auto Ads Causing Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

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We all know it’s coming. For the longest time we’ve all been focused on keywords, word count and a ‘natural writing style’. But not any more. Your website’s cumulative layout shift (CLS) is soon to be measured and scored as a PageRank (PR) factor. Unfortunately Google’s Adsense Auto Ads are causing a cumulative layout shift problem for those publishers (like us) that choose to use… Read More »Adsense Auto Ads Causing Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Live Action Reboot of The Powerpuff Girls

There’s news this week that the famous Cartoon Network show ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ is getting a live-action reboot, continuing the trend of re-making popular cartoon properties into live action … for some reason. This news has left us (along with many other online folk) just a little worried. While we are open to the idea that it could be surprisingly good, we can’t help but… Read More »Live Action Reboot of The Powerpuff Girls

An American Version of the Eurovision Song Contest

A lot of things have happened in the crazy world of Eurovision this year. Firstly, 2020 was the Eurovision Song Contest’s 65th anniversary but this important milestone became just another victim of the “Covid-19 ruins everything” group due to its cancellation and replacement with the substandard and underwhelming ‘Eurovision Shine a Light’ which we talked about in a previous blog post. This also appears to… Read More »An American Version of the Eurovision Song Contest

Alternative Eurovision Song Contest 2020

You may have seen our very first Blog post that lamented over the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 due to Covid-19. In fact it’s absence has hit us so hard that we’re moved to publish a second post! Why? … because we’re confused as to why the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 could not have gone ahead virtually so that every entrant could have had their moment… Read More »Alternative Eurovision Song Contest 2020