About Us (and WordPress)

We began life in 2009. Our simple mission was to provide free printable colouring pages to spread some happiness around the globe. At the same time the website was to be the basis of a ‘hobby’ to learn the basics of HTML so the whole of the website was hand-coded.

Time passed and the website slowly grew to what it is today … a popular resource not just for free printable colouring sheets for children but also for quizzes, puzzles and much more. Unfortunately the time required to learn and perfect HTML was rarely available so the website became ‘stuck in time’ and – along with inconsistent formatting and shoddy coding – would never be ‘responsive’ for mobile devices which around 75% of our visitors use. Couple this with our desire to broaden the length and depth of our content to include more ‘grown up’ matters we decided it was time for a change.

Et voila! … it’s January 2020 and here we are … on a WordPress platform that will not only ensure our code is always bang up to date but will also allow us to add extra content in a more efficient manner. It’s early days here in WordPress land. There is much to do. The game is afoot!

We’re always working on new things and trying to hide old things so hidden away deep down here in the darkest depths of the shadowlands is a link to our odds and ends page which is where we dump anything and everything that’s too old, too young, or just stuck in limbo. Don’t take a trip there … we’re not especially proud of it.