2012 London Olympics Colouring Pages

athlete looking at very high hurdle

The 2012 Olympic Games are to be hosted by London (England); they officially start on 27th July 2012 and will finish on 12th August 2012. We have created some free printable Olympic Games Colouring Pages to help children to celebrate this important sporting event and support their country.

This will be the third time that London has hosted the Olympic Games (it was there in 1908 and 1948 too) and this time the ‘Opening Ceremony’ will start with the ringing of the biggest bell in Europe which has been specially made for the event. It’s expected that more than ONE BILLION people will watch the opening ceremony (called ‘The Isles of Wonder’) from all over the world.

Take a look at our two versions of a 2012 Olympics Quiz Sheet too; one with multiple choice options for younger children.

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Preview of 2012 Olympic Colouring Sheet Male Athlete with Olympic Flame

Colouring Sheet of a Man Running with the Olympic Flame

The Olympic Torch Relay will start on 18th May 2012. It will involve 8000 inspirational people carring the Olympic flame the length and breadth of the UK until it finally arrives at the Olympic Stadium on 27th July for the start of the Games.

This free printable colouring page of a man running the Olympic Torch Relay through London with the Olympic Torch shows the iconic Tower Bridge in the background. You might also notice that he is wearing the official ‘white and gold’ Torchbearers’ uniform designed by Adidas.

Preview of 2012 Olympic Colouring Sheet Female Athlete with Olympic Flame

Colouring Sheet of a Woman Running with Olympic Flame

The design of the London 2012 Olympic Torch includes 8,000 small circles (holes), each one representing the 8,000 people who will help to carry the torch around the UK.

This printable Adobe PDF colouring sheet is in addition to the sheet above to allow boys and girls the choice of colouring in either a male or a female carrying the torch.

Preview of 2012 Olympic Colouring Sheet Paralympian with Olypmic Flame

Colouring Sheet of Paralympic Athlete with Olympic Flame

The Paralympic Games are where athletes with a physical disability compete in multi-sport events. Prior to the Paralympics beginning on 29th August 2012 there will be paralympic flame lighting events in the UK’s four capital cities starting in London on 24th August. The four flames will meet at Stoke Mandeville (the birthplace of the Paralympic Games) and will then journey to London in a 24 hour Torch Relay involving 580 Torchbearers.

Preview of 2012 Olympic Colouring Sheet Olympic Stadium with Flag Design

Colouring Sheet of Olympic Stadium with Blank Flag

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will start on 27th July 2012 and this Olympics colouring page shows the main stadium in London’s Olympic Park which will host the Athletics and subsequently the Paralympic Athletics.

There’s a blank flag too which children can use to colour in their own country’s flag or create their own logo or design.

Preview of 2012 Olympic Colouring Sheet Olympic Stadium Blank Flag Blank Country

Colouring Sheet of Olympic Stadium with Blank Flag/No Text

This printable colouring page is identical to the one above except that the ‘2012 London Olympics’ text has been deleted to make the sheet more versatile for school projects so that children can add their own text, logos or images.

Preview of 2012 Olympic Colouring Sheet Olympic Rings

Colouring Sheet of Olympic Rings with Blank Flag

This free colouring page brings together some key elements of the Olympic Games i.e. the five Olympic rings, flags, the stadium and (most importantly!) medals for the winners.

The blank medal gives children two creative opportunities. They could copy the official 2012 Olympic Medal Design (from the official site of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games) …. or they can create their own medal design and make it as simple or detailed as they choose.