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1984. Great lyrics but it was also the year that brought us Cisco Systems, Lenovo and Dell computers. 1984 also brought us the Javelin Software Corporation which may not mean a lot to most of you … but at the time they were trail-blazing the world of spreadsheets and even beat Microsoft’s Excel to a ‘Software Product of the Year’ award. 1984 also brought us some ‘memorable’ song lyrics including ” Working in the sun, drinking schnapps, having fun, that’s livin’ alright” from  the TV series “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet”.  

So begins our 1984 song lyrics quiz which some people have described as “hard”, “very difficult” and “impossible what is the point of it”. Well we weren’t just going to give the answers away because we’d owe you a lot of virtual points which commercially is not good practice. So you win 1 point for naming the song title and 1 point for naming the group or artist. There are 15 lyrics quiz questions below. Good luck!

Lyric 1:
“Touch if you will my stomach,
Feel how it trembles inside,
You’ve got the butterflies all tied up …”

Lyric 2:
“Been working so hard,
I’m punching my card,
Eight hours, for what? …”

Lyric 3:
“Who’s gonna pick you up
When you fall?
Who’s gonna hang it up
When you call?”

Lyric 4:
“We are strong,
No one can tell us we’re wrong,
Searching our hearts for so long …”

Lyric 5:
“Desolate loving in your eyes
You used and made my life so sweet …”

Lyric 6:
“When I’m far from home,
Don’t call me on the phone,
To tell me you’re alone”

Lyric 7:
“Last night I had the strangest dream,
I sailed away to China,
In a little row boat to find you …”

Lyric 8:
“So can’t you see me standing here,
I got my back against the record machine”

Lyric 9:
“And I don’t listen to the guys who say
that you’re bad for me,
And I should turn you away …”

Lyric 10:
“I have only come here seeking knowledge,
Things they would not teach me of in college,
I can see the destiny you sold,
Turned into a shining band of gold”

Lyric 11:
“We were cool on cries,
When all you and everyone we knew,
Could believe, do, and share in what was true”

Lyric 12:
“Cowboy No.1,
A born-again poor man’s son”

Lyric 13:
“If you’re seeing things,
Running through your head,
Who can you call?”

Lyric 14:
“I’ll cross that bridge when I find it,
Another day to make my stand (oh woah),
High time is no time for deciding”

Lyric 15:
‘Mother Nature isn’t in it, 300 million years,
Goodbye in just a minute, gone forever, no more tears’


  1. ‘When Doves Cry’,  Prince
  2. ‘Footloose’, Kenny Loggins
  3. ‘Drive’, The Cars
  4. ‘Love Is A Battlefield’, Pat Benatar
  5. ‘Church of the Poison Mind’, Culture Club
  6. ‘Eyes Without A Face’, Billy Idol
  7. ‘Break My Stride’, Matthew Wilder
  8. ‘Jump’, Van Halen
  9. ‘They Don’t Know’, Tracey Ullman
  10. ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’, The Police
  11. ‘Dance Hall Days’, Wang Chung
  12. ‘Two Tribes’, Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  13. ‘Ghostbusters’, Ray Parker Jr
  14. ‘The Reflex’, Duran Duran
  15. ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’, Nik Kershaw

    That’s the very end of our retro 1984 pop song lyrics quiz. Did your brain let you down? … or is it still as brainy as ever?