image showing all the flags of the worldImage of two boys bullying another boy who is looking sadImage of a 3D triangle optical illusion
STOP PRESS! Our multiple choice
Flag Quizzes are our very first
on-line quizzes. We’re going paper free! Goodbye PDFs … hello digital.
Our unique ‘What is Bullying?’ Colouring pages help kids understand the signs & consequences of bullying and being bullied. We’ve created a few printable
Optical Illusions for kids & teens to enjoy. Some of our optical illusions test measuring skills too.
image of a man sitting at an infected pcimage of an owl with a question mark above its headwordsearch puzzle grid showing the word search
Internet Safety Posters give kids & teens advice about the dangers of surfing, chatting and sharing their personal information online. Our kids’ Animal Quizzes have multiple choice questions about their favourite animals including lions, elephants, sharks, meerkats, gorillas and horses. Most kids & adults enjoy  Printable Word Searches and ours include kids’ printable sheets on Star Wars, Roald Dahl, Harry Potter, home hazards …..
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Our very own Trivia Quizzes provide multi choice fun general knowledge and trivia quiz questions for teenagers and younger kids. Take a deep dive into our content and you’ll find a terrifically tricky trivia treasure trove of GK questions and answers for all ages.

image of a signpost of core values pointing to ethics, integrity and accountability

In the crazy busy want-it-now permanently distracted society that we live in it has never been more important to think about morals and ethics and exactly what effect we are having on others and the consequences of our actions (or inaction).