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Here's our second page of Anti-Bullying Colouring Sheets featuring four printable pages to help children and teenagers understand the many aspects and types of bullying so they can help protect themselves and their friends. These resources focus on lies and rumours, physical attacks and assaults, and intimidation from unwanted physical contact like pushing or tripping. Use them to create worksheets or maybe to create a colourful and eye-catching set of school anti-bullying posters.

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Spreading rumours Colouring Page About Lies and Rumours   (File Size: 0.3MB)

Gossip, lies and nasty rumours quickly spread to make kids' lives a misery. Whether verbally or by other means (such as graffiti or text messages) this can be a difficult type of indirect bullying to control and prevent. Untruths and rumours can very easily alienate kids from their friends and cause considerable embarrassment whether they're at primary school or secondary school.

A fist Colouring Page About Hurting Others   (File Size: 0.1 MB)

Agression. Violence. Pain. Injuries. Force. Whilst pyschological bullying has a mental effect on us, physical attacks and assaults are endured by our bodies. From a random 'thump' or kick, to a full-on attack from one or more antagonists, just the prospect of pain causes stress and worry ..... and the actual pain itself causes suffering, loss of self-esteem and the prospect of serious injury.

The clenched fist on this particular 'What Is Bullying?' colouring page speaks for itself. Children could maybe turn it into an anti-bullying image by drawing a solid line straight through the fist.

Shoving Colouring Page About Physical Contact   (File Size: 0.2MB)

The clenched fist (above) represents the more extreme side of physical bullying but physical contact is also used in a lesser way to intimidate, humiliate and make someone's life a misery. Being deliberately tripped up in a school corridor would be one example ..... and shoving, pushing and 'shouldering' too. Even where these actions don't result in pain or injury they still have the effect of wearing the victim down to feel nervous and vulnerable.

This page shows a bully about to give an innocent classmate a hard shove. This type of random attack can have serious consequences if - for example - somebody falls and hits their head.
blank anti-bullying sheet Blank 'What is Bullying' Page   (File Size: tiny!)

Bullies succeed and thrive by having more power than their unfortunate victims. This power could be due to their strength, having a certain social status, being part of a gang, etc. Quite often they don't realise the serious consequences of their actions.

Kids can use our blank worksheet to explore their own feelings about this serious issue including the intense powerlessness that victims may feel.
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