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Weather Colouring
Come rain, snow, hail or sunshine our collection of free printable Weather Colouring Pictures for Children are a great way for children to learn about the elements and the seasons. Each of our original weather colouring sheets label the weather in big text and then provides related images that can be coloured-in or maybe even used for a 'cut and paste' project.

You may also be interested in our Free Printable Weather Symbols for kids too which can be easily printed and used as symbols or images for a nursery or school weather board, and for a variety of other educational or fun purposes for very young children.
Image of Snowy Day Colouring Page Snowy Day Colouring Sheet

Our wintry colouring page shows a child on a sledge who's whizzing down a snowy hill. It looks like she's just made a snow man too. There are some festive looking Christmas trees in the background aswell just waiting to be coloured in and given bright green branches. Kids can add their own image of a snowman or two with plenty of colourful clothes and accessories.
Image of Cold Day Colouring Page Cold Day Colouring Sheet

Our cold day colouring page shows a few things that kids may need when they're outdoors and there's frost on the pavement. Warm clothes of course, and some sensible footwear like boots; plus scarf, gloves and woolly hat too! When they're back inside away from the outdoor cold, frost or snow then maybe treat them to a warm drink.
Image of Windy Day Colouring Page Windy Day Colouring Sheet

Visit the park on a windy day in Autumn and you may see leaves being blown off the trees and swirling around on the ground. If the wind isn't too strong then take a kite along and have some fun trying to keep it in the sky for as long as possible.
Image of Rainy Day Colouring Page Rainy Day Colouring Sheet

Our free printable PDF format colouring page shows a girl standing under an umbrella on a very rainy day. Don't forget to colour the clouds in a dark shade of grey to show that they are fully of rain ..... but how about a colourful umbrella to brighten up such a rainy day?
Image of Thunder and Lightning Colouring Page Thunder and Lightning Colouring Sheet

Thunder and lightning can be exciting but sometimes a bit scary too. Our picture shows two types of lightning (zig-zag and forked) which can be coloured in a nice bright yellow or maybe left white against a dark sky. There's some thunder noises too and plenty of heavy rain.
Image of Rainbow Colouring Page Rainbow Colouring Sheet

"Red and yellow and pink and green,
Orange and purple and blue,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too."

Rainbows appear when sunlight shines through raindrops which behave as prisms, splitting the light into its constituent colours.

Image of Hail Colouring Page Hail Colouring Sheet

In complete contrast to the rainbow image above, this image of hail might be a bit difficult to colour in! Hail, as you may know, is created inside storm clouds and consists of solid ice. Hailstones have to be at least 5mm across to be officially classified as hail by weathermen.
Image of Hot Day Colouring Page Hot Day Colouring Sheet

Sun safety for children is very important so our printable 'hot day' colouring sheet provides visual guidance and hints for kids on how to stay safe and cool in the sun. There's an umbrella for shade of course, and sun protection cream too. Cool clothing is important as well plus plenty of cold drinks and ice cream ..... especially the ice cream!
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