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Vacation Time
When the school holidays arrive there's nothing more exciting than a vacation to the seaside, a trip to a theme park or maybe a city break. Americans call them 'vacations' and us Brits call them our 'summer holidays' .... either way it's great to pack some suitcases, grab the passports and tickets, and travel off for an adventure. A bucket and spade vacation at a sunny and sandy beach is a fun way for kids to let off some steam; the more adventurous might decide to spend a few days or weeks at Disneyland, Universal Studios or any one of the many awesome theme parks. Our kids' colouring pages below are all themed on travel and summer holidays including a plane trip, a day at Disney World and a fun time at the beach.
Packing suitcases Colouring Page of Suitcases being Packed
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Travel time has finally arrived! The suitcases come out and everybody starts to hunt out their favourite clothes for the family vacation ahead of them. Comfy shoes for a theme park break ... swimming clothes for a beach holiday ... and plenty of sun tan lotion if it's a hot destination. Don't forget to check your luggage allowance if you're flying!

Getting on an Aeroplane Colouring Page of a Family Boarding a Plane
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This family look very excited to be finally catching their flight to fly away to their holiday destination. It might just be a short flight of an hour or two ... or maybe it's a long-haul destination to Australia or the USA. Let's hope there's plenty of in-flight entertainment for them if it is a long flight.

Kids on a Beach Colouring Page of Children Playing on a Beach
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This printable sheet shows two children enjoying their beach vacation by building a huge sandcastle. Summer holidays in the UK can be very unpredictable. We might enjoy a week of sunshine or we might have a whole week of wind and rain. The English coast is beautiful but a lot of people still choose to fly to hot holiday destinations like Spain or Italy so they can be guaranteed a holiday in the sun.

Disney World Colouring Page of Disney World
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Florida is 'Theme Park Central' so millions of people travel there every year to enjoy their theme parks, water parks and countless variety of attractions. Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens all provide a great travel destination where kids and adults alike can enjoy a day of fun and excitement. This colouring page shows a family entering the magical gates of Disney World.

City Break Colouring Page of Children Exploring a City
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A city break provides an alternative to a beach holiday or Disney theme park. Most cities have an interesting history to discover and plenty of kids' attractions such as museums and parks. There's quite often guided tours too (on a tram or a bus) which are probably the best way of learning about a cities history and interesting facts.

We hope you enjoy these themed colouring pages about vacation, holidays and travel. Whether you're flying or driving to your own vacation destination we wish you a safe journey.

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