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Celebrate a new season, warmer weather and plants bursting into life with our free printable Spring Coloring Pictures. Spring is always a welcome season, not just for the extra daylight and better weather but because of the appearance of new life in the shape of plants, flowers and animals.

Our Spring coloring pictures for kids include a seasonal selection of images including trees in bud, spring flowers, new born baby chicks in a nest, lambs, and a handy blank sheet which children can use for their own Spring drawings.

It is generally acknowledged that (unlike many words in the English language) the origins of the word 'Spring' are straightforward and that it simply refers to the way that nature seems to 'spring into life' at this time of year. Many countries celebrate Easter at this time too which makes it a doubly important season for some people.
Colouring page of Spring images Spring Images Coloring Page   (File Size: 0.1MB)

This printable page contains a collection of flower and butterfly images and symbols for kids to colour in as imaginatively and colourfully as they wish. They might also wish to draw their own pictures or doodles in the blank spaces available such as more butterflies, a warm sun, birds, or maybe a few newly hatched insects and bugs.
Coloring page of chicks in a nest Spring Chicks In a Nest   (File Size: 0.1MB)

It's not just plants and flowers that burst with new life in the spring time .... many animals also wait until the arrival of better weather before giving birth to their young or laying their eggs. This free image to colour in shows a nest full of new born baby chicks eagerly waiting for the mother bird to feed them.
Coloring page of a tree budding and blossoming Spring Blossom Coloring Page   (File Size: 0.1MB)

One of the most wonderful things about Spring time is seeing the trees bursting into life as their leaf buds and flower buds unfurl in the warming sun so this free printable colouring page shows a tree branch bursting into life. Some trees flower before producing leaves .... and some do it the other way around.
Colouring page of spring flowers Spring Flowers Coloring Page   (File Size: 0.1MB)

This simple Coloring picture of Spring flowers gives children the chance to get creative with their pencils, crayons or felt-tips by colouring in the petals and stems and adding some leaves of their own colour and design. It's the perfect way to celebrate our parks, gardens and hedgerows bursting into life after a long cold winter season.
Blank Spring Coloring Page Blank Coloring Page with Spring Text    (File Size: 0.1MB)

This printable sheet is blank except for a bold SPRING title. Kids can draw their own Spring themed images on the sheet and then have fun colouring it in. Flowers are an obvious choice but children should be encouraged to think of some personal or unusual ways of depicting the season. What does Spring mean to them? Does it make them think of showery weather and rainbows? ...... or maybe new born lambs in the fields? ...... perhaps the arrival of Spring means that they can start playing their favourite outdoor sport or games again? .....
Spring Lambs Coloring Picture Coloring Picture of Spring Lambs    (File Size: 0.4MB)

Here in the UK, the sight of new born lambs running and playing in the fields is always a sign that the Spring season has finally arrived. As they gambol around, their mothers keep a close eye on them and often bleat loudly if their lambs stray too far away.

(Also available with Easter text in our Easter collection)
Coloring Picture of Daffodils Coloring Picture of Daffodils    (File Size: 0.4MB)

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
William Wordsworth

(Also available with Easter text in our Easter collection)
Coloring Picture of Newly Hatched Chicks Coloring Picture of Newly Hatched Chicks    (File Size: 0.4MB)

Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! A popular image for Easter and spring time is always fluffy yellow baby chicks so this free printable Coloring page shows four baby chicks just having hatched out of their shells.

(Also available with Easter text in our Easter collection)
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