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Roman Emperor
We hope you enjoy the free Children's Quizzes and Activities about the Romans that we have found for you. The Roman Empire has allegedly existed for over 2500 years and legend tells of how twin boys, called Romulus and Remus, were responsible for first creating the city of Rome which stood as the centre of the Roman Empire.

Their ambitious and ruthless expansion plans brought them all the way here to Britain where the Celts had historically lived and ruled.
Roman Soldier

Not content with Gaul (aka France) they turned their attention to Britain and it was in 55BC that General Julius Caesar set sail to confront (unsuccessfully) the Celts.It was around a hundred years later that Roman Emperor Claudius finally conquered the southern half of Britain, officially making it part of the amazing Roman Empire.
Travel back in time courtesy of BBC Primary History: Romans and the City of Rome for fun educational resources and history activities spanning important subjects like armies, road building, technology and leisure time. Along with a kids' quiz there are free printable activities, colouring sheets and fact sheets (PDF format) on Roman Emperors, pottery and archaeology, shopping and Roman money, even how to dress a Roman soldier for battle. Plenty of video clips and pictures too to make history education fun and interesting.
colosseum This free on-line history Quiz About Romans in Britain has ten children's questions (with answers) in either multiple choice format or 'True or False?' format. Questions ask whether they were good rulers, what language they spoke, and what games a child may have played.

Part of a larger education website for 7 to 10 year olds about the Romans in Britain you'll also find a tutorial, fascinating (and disgusting!) facts, and plenty of guidance for parents and teachers.
Learn why You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator courtesy of this cartoon-style website 'web book' based on a published book of the same name. With cool graphics and easy to read and understand text the story puts you in the shoes (or rather sandals) of a Barbarian who has been taken prisoner by the Romans and is to be trained to become a Gladiator. Learn all about the slave trade, the rules and routines of Gladiator School, weapons and armour, and then finally take your place in the arena to entertain the crowds and the Emperor.
Roman Soldier Visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for Kids and then choose 'Roman Empire' from the history menu for facts and figures about the Romans in Britain that younger children will enjoy learning. Free activities include 'Dress a Roman soldier' either on-line or using a printable colour template from which kids can cut out his clothes and weapons. There's a printer friendly (PDF format) timeline too for kids to draw on and colour in with important events that they can easily research themselves from the site.

The museum's Printable Resources section has free printable quiz questions (with answers) about the Romans in (Adobe PDF format) PLUS great fact sheets (with colour photographs) about pots, coins, artefacts, etc.

Embark on a history quest at the Timezones site where Romans come under the spotlight for the period 45AD-410AD. Become a history detective by examining some broken pottery or maybe play an interactive 'drag and drop' game to place objects correctly in a villa. Check out the 'CONTENTS' section for free printable worksheets for kids about museum pieces, a Roman recipe or an archaeological investigation of a villa.
There are even more free Printable Roman Colouring Pictures at who offer such historical images as an amphitheatre, ballista, soldiers, and everyday objects like goblets and clothes. Places include a church, garden and market place; there's an image of a Roman ship to print out too.
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