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It's time to find the pretty pink crayons and royal blue felt tips and have some fun coloring in our free fairytale Princess Colouring Pages which all feature a unique collection of pretty Princess images representing the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall) and Winter. Each of the four pages is in printer-friendly Adobe PDF format and entirely free to download and print (subject always to our Terms of Use).

Each free Princess coloring page contains plenty of detail and elements for children to color in, but some areas of the sheets are intentionally left blank or incomplete to encourage kids to use their own imagination and draw in their own ideas and designs.

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There are lots of fun ideas to try ..... maybe add a Prince Charming? ......... or possibly a bright green frog waiting for a magical kiss ..... and don't forget to think of some names that would be fit for your Royal Fairytale Princesses !

Spring Princess Coloring Page Spring Princess Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.4MB)

Our Spring Princess is out in the forest enjoying the spring sunshine and all of the new life that this season brings with it. There are flowers popping up all around her that are just desperate to be colored in ... and don't forget the pretty flowers on her dress too. She's delighted with the baby chicks that have just hatched in the magical forest but I wonder if there are any more fairytale creatures that you might draw in the picture? Squirrels maybe? .... rabbits? .... mice? .... you decide.

Summer Princess Coloring Page Summer Princess Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.8MB)

This picture of a pretty Princess shows her enjoying the warm summer sun in her beautiful flowing dress in the company of some animal friends. This free printable colouring page makes a great fairytale scene with plenty of flowers, grass and leaves to colour in with lots of summery reds, yellows, pinks and greens.

What colour should the horse be? Maybe it's a white stallion ....
or perhaps a beautiful chestnut brown. Don't forget to colour in the butterflies and tweeting bird too, and maybe add a few busy bees.
Autumn Princess Coloring Page Autumn Princess Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.6MB)

Our autumn Princess (or fall princess) loves everything about autumn time. From the bursts of beautiful reds and browns in the trees and hedges to the falling swirling leaves all around her ..... she loves fall so much that even her dress is decorated with a leaf pattern (although there's plenty of space for you to draw in your own designs too).

This free Princess colouring page includes her squirrel friend but maybe you could draw another squirrel on the tree or hopping about.

Winter Princess Coloring Page Winter Princess Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.6MB)

A cold snowy day is just what this winter Princess has been waiting for. With a fluffy wrap to keep her warm she's outdoors enjoying the winter wildlife and falling snow .... and especially making some footprints so that Prince Charming can follow her through the snow!

Don't forget to colour in the robins with their trademark brown feathers and bright red chests ... and maybe add a few wintry fairytale creatures of your own to the colouring page.
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