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Our free printable Opposites Colouring Pages are provided so that pre-school children can have some fun while learning all about the concept of opposites. All six colouring images are PDF format worksheets and they are all simple black and white line drawings for the benefit of very young children at pre-school, nursery or pre-kindergarten. Examples of the opposites you'll find below are on/off, big/small, hot/cold and fast/slow ... use them on their own or maybe incorporate them into opposites worksheets or class activity packs. There are plenty of other antonyms for kids to create their own drawings for too.
Opposites Colouring Picture for On and Off Opposites Colouring Page - ON and OFF

This printable image demonstrates the opposites 'on and off' by showing a cat sitting 'on' a stool and then showing the cat 'off' the stool. Young children will also have an idea of 'on and off' in its relationship to electrical devices or switches ... so you may wish to clarify the difference.

Opposites Colouring Picture for Fast and Slow Opposites Colouring Page - Fast and Slow

This free printable colouring sheet shows some very 'fast' cars and some very 'slow' snails. Never miss an opportunity to teach road safety to children .... a picture of five speeding cars means you can talk about the dangers of crossing the road, playing near traffic, etc. Our cars are (of course) on a race track.

Opposites Colouring Picture for Happy and Sad Opposites Colouring Page - Happy and Sad

These are very very simple images of a happy face and a sad face which are perfect for pre-school children or pre-kindergarten kids to take their first steps with antonyms.

Don't forget that the letters can be coloured in too!

Opposites Colouring Picture for Big and Small Opposites Colouring Page - Big and Small

A very BIG elephant and a very SMALL mouse are on this opposites colouring page for young children. There's plenty of room for kids to draw and colour their own examples of small animals too ... how about an ant? .... or a spider? .... or a bird? .... although just about any animal is smaller than an enormous elephant!

Opposites Colouring Picture for Hot and Cold Opposites Colouring Page - Hot and Cold

Those freezing cold ice lollies/popsicles will melt very quickly next to that blazing hot campfire.

Not just for teaching opposites! .... just like the road safety example above use this sheet to remind young children about the dangers of fire and hot objects.

Opposites Colouring Picture for Few and Many Opposites Colouring Page - Many and Few

Just a few butterflies on the left hand side of this colouring sheet .... but many butterflies on the right hand side of the sheet. This opposites page is more demanding than the others and will suit young children who have mastered colouring-in 'between the lines' ... maybe add some flowers or leaves for them to sit on too.

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