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Free printable superhero coloring pages of Marvel Superheroes and DC comic characters are great fun for kids that may be fans of The Justice League, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men (and now X-Men Origins), Batman, Young Justice or any one of the hundreds of Marvel and DC superheroes that we love in comics, movies and cartoons. There's plenty of female superhero coloring pages too.

Along with the official Marvel website and official DC Comics website there are countless other websites for kids to find free printable colouring sheets, activities and even quizzes all themed on legendary comic book superhero characters loved by generations. Hard to believe that the Justice League first appeared in 1960!

We have Stan Lee to thank for some of the most awesome comic book characters that the world has ever seen. From the start, super-powered gangs like the Fantastic Four (1961) or go-it-alone heroes like Spiderman (1962), the Hulk or the invincible Iron Man have fascinated kids in the cinema or in comics and stirred their imagination. The following websites provide images, free games and other resources for fans of Marvel and DC Comics (and LEGO!) .....

Fly over to Marvel Kids for awesome FREE printable Marvel heroes coloring pages including Wolverine, X-Men, The Avengers and Spiderman. There are colourful printable word searches for kids too so you can go hunting for Mary Jane, The Sand Man and the Green Goblin ... perfect for a themed party!

For something a little different there are some mazes where kids can help Wolverine or Captain America to catch a villain or escape from danger .... there are also free digital comics to read on-line including all your favourite Marvel Superheroes including the Power Pack and The Incredible Hulk.

The home of Superman, DC Comics also gave us some of the world's most famous superheroes including Batman (and cool Batmobile!), Robin and the villainous Joker. The trick to finding DC Comics colouring pages is to type a phrase such as 'Justice League Coloring' into their search box and then check the results from their blog. Here's just one example of the cool superhero printables you'll discover ... Justice League Coloring Pages.

Free printable Marvel Superhero Colouring Pages for children at include the X-Men (like Storm, Logan the Wolverine and Professor Xavier), Tony Stark as Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four including Ben Grimm aka 'The Thing' and the Human Torch. Check out the DC dedicated pages to Batman and Spiderman too, Young Justice sheets, plenty of female superhero coloring pages and even 'Super Cat' !

There's an excellent collection of action-packed DC and Marvel heroes colouring pages at including LEGO. Not just cool female superheroes like Cat Woman and Bat Girl but also Mysterio, a heavily armoured Iron Man, the Green Goblin plus some great city scenes like a printable colouring page of Gotham City which you could add your own characters to. LEGO? Yes, there's even some LEGO superhero characters.

The Bat Cave computer says that Colouring Book is a neat source of free DC and Marvel themed colouring sheets of Batman and Robin (including the awesome Tumbler), Superman and the Fantastic Four including Mr Fantastic, Johnny Storm and the Human Torch. There are also printable pages to colour in of Wolverine and girl-power courtesy of some female superheroes.

Dedicated to mutants everywhere, the X-Men Colouring Sheets at have free printable pages of Jean Grey, Juggernaut, Magneto, Mystique and Rogue all in the classic Marvel style. There are photos too, plus comic art and PC wallpaper of Wolverine, Rogue and Professor Xavier to download.

Grab the keys to the Tumbler and head for for some amazing free printable superhero colouring pages of Marvel and DC characters. Along with usual X-Men characters such as Wolverine and Magneto you'll find the Justice League, Captain America and The Avengers.

Free Marvel and DC comic book printables from the very French include colouring sheets of the web-slinging Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) who's having a few battles with Doctor Octopus and Electro, Superman (aka Clark Kent) who's tied up with Lex Luthor (there's a nice printable Superman logo if you need one!), plus a selection of X-Men pictures to print and colour in too including Wolverine, Angel and Beast.

In honour of all the unsung female superheroes, we've created our very own printable coloring page of Sue Richards as The Invisible Woman.
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