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This page connects you to all of our content that we've dropped unceremoniously into a category that we like to call 'Just for Fun'. Right now it's a small collection of jokes, optical illusions and links to external sites but we're working away to create more pages and hunt down more resources so keep checking back regularly. Our latest additions include a page full of Twitter accounts suitable for younger childen, and a page of printable brain teasers for kids. Most popular of all are our Star Wars jokes.
Darth Vader Dark Side fans will enjoy our Star Wars Jokes which are packed with puns about Yoda, Clone Troopers, Chewbacca and other famous Star Wars characters. If you've any original Star Wars jokes you'd like us to consider including then do email them to us. (If you fancy yourself as a bit of an 'intergalactic defender' then try this Free Missile Defence Game for some missile madness!)
smile Have a chuckle at our Thirty Funniest Children's Jokes Ever (as voted by us only!). Here's one that didn't make it .... "Did you hear about the daft hitchhiker? He left early to avoid the traffic!"
Yes, they're all just as bad as that one. Sometimes worse.

Unfortunately for you we've also compiled a horrendous collection of the Thirty Worst Children's Jokes Ever which are too bad to even contemplate visiting. We suggest you stay well away!

optical illusions Treat your brain to some puzzling Optical Illusions to find out how easily your brain and senses can be tricked. We've created six printable sheets, each with a different optical illusion relating to shapes and distances, great for home or the classroom.
brain teaser logo We've created some Brain Teasers For Kids which consists of four printable sheets containing a fun mixture of logical puzzle questions, a drawing puzzle, some Ditloid questions and an 'Animal Connections' word grid which requires a keen eye. Alternatively blow your mind with a philosophical Brain Teaser.
card games We've been meaning to put together a collection of reviews for a variety of board games and other family favourites so we've started with our Favourite Card Games which reviews our five favourite card games including Monopoly Deal, Top Trumps and Uno ... and if you like playing games you could try our free printable TV Bingo Sheets for something a bit different.
Star Sign Picture Older children enjoy discussing Star Sign Compatibility with their friends. Our PDF printable 'Star Sign Compatibility Chart' is a simple way for kids to have fun with their star signs and birth dates without getting involved with the deeper, more confusing and sometimes worrying aspects of astrology.
teddy bear
If you're looking for fund raiser ideas then we can offer our printable ready-made 'Guess The Name Of The Bear' kit for a quick and easy addition to a charity event or community day. Our Treasure Map Fundraiser Idea is another ready-made solution to help you raise money for good causes.
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