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We bring you plenty of free kids' colouring pages, trivia and general knowledge quizzes for teens, and children's activities plus kids' games and awesome free teachers' resources, hints, tips and printable educational worksheets.

Our popular 'Stranger Danger' pages are supported by our collection of free 'What Is Bullying?' colouring sheets ... and we have BRAND NEW anti-cyberbullying posters under development too for the middle of 2018.

newest trivia and general knowledge quizzes Child doing trivia quiz Bully
Our Newest Trivia Quizzes
provide fun general knowledge
and trivia quiz questions
for teens and younger kids.
Trivia Quiz Sheets for Children
and teenagers have multiple
choice trivia and general
knowledge quiz questions.
'What is Bullying?' Colouring
pages help kids to understand
the signs and consequences of bullying and being bullied.
Internet Safety Posters animal quiz Word Search Puzzles
Internet Safety Posters give kids & teens advice about the dangers of surfing, chatting and sharing personal information online. Our free kids' Animal Quizzes are
about their favourite animals
including lions, elephants, sharks,
meerkats, gorillas and horses.
Our free Printable Word Searches
for children include kids' puzzle
sheets on Star Wars, Roald Dahl,
Harry Potter, home hazards .....
optical illusion We've created a few printable
Optical Illusions for kids & teens to enjoy. Some of our optical illusions test their measuring skills too.
superhero Our Superhero Coloring Pages
include links to Marvel and DC comics superhero coloring pages including The Justice League.

algebra Disney Pixar fans will love our Finding Dory Colouring Pages including printable puzzle sheets featuring Dory and Hank. Noah's Ark All aboard! Our unique collection of Noah's Ark Coloring Sheets are great handouts for the classroom or bible studies. Includes Bible quotes.

Some of our most popular and requested resources for parents and teachers are our Weather Colouring Pages which provide free printable colouring-in sheets that are perfect for seasonal activities, weather projects and worksheets.

Perfect for pre-schoolers, elementary and primary school the set provides you with unique black and white outline images and descriptive text. These classroom handouts are just a small part of our growing collection of printable kids' quizzes, puzzles, coloring pages and worksheets for all ages from kindergarten to teenagers.

child and weather
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