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Our unique collection of Horse Colouring Pictures are all in printer friendly PDF format and are all completely free for children to print out and colour in. Equine fans will love choosing browns and greys to colour in our A4 pages of a horse running in a field, of a mother and foal having fun cantering together, of a horse rearing up on its hind legs and of a horse's head complete with bridle and reins.
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Horses have been the basis of countless stories, movies, myths and legends through the ages. From Pegasus the winged horse of Greek mythology to Bullseye in Disney's Toy Story, from 'Black Beauty' written by the English author Anna Sewell to 'The Adventures of Champion' first aired in the 1950s. Our hard-working faithful four-legged friends have been heroes and inspiration for countless generations of children and adults.
Colouring page of a horse and foal Horse and Foal Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.4MB)

Girls and boys alike will enjoy this free printable colouring sheet of a horse and foal running together in their paddock. A baby horse is called a foal until it is one year old (and a suckling while it is still feeding from its mother) after which it is often referred to as a yearling.

A pony is a horse that matures when it is still quite small; for that reason a foal and a pony can sometimes be confused. A pony's proportions, however, are quite different.

Colouring page of a horse running Colouring Page of a Running Horse   (File Size: 0.4MB)

There's nothing quite like the sight of a horse galloping full speed across a field; it often reminds us of how free-spirited these animals can be. Faster than a trot or a canter, regular horses can typically gallop at up to 30 mph (while race horses are faster still).

A horse by the name of Secretariat is often quoted as being a world record holder having achieved a speed of 55 miles per hour.
Colouring page of a horse and bridle Horse and Bridle Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.6MB)

This kids' colouring page shows a horse's head complete with a bridle; horse fans will already know that a bridle is used to help the rider control the horse. It's made up of many different parts including the reins, headpiece (or headstall in the US), cheekpieces, and browband which runs across the forehead from one ear to the other.

Colouring page of a horse rearing up Colouring Page of a Rearing Horse   (File Size: 0.3MB)

This horse is just rearing for fun .... luckily there's no rider ! If a horse or a pony rears when there is a rider it can be very dangerous as there is a chance that the rider will be unseated or possibly even crushed if the horse or pony loses its balance and falls to the ground.

Rearing can occur for several reasons when there is a rider but will often be due to the horse being frightened or startled, being excited or maybe in pain. Whatever the reason always keep your distance !

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