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For some great Safety in the Home Worksheets just follow the links below. All aspects of home safety for kids are covered including electricity, kitchen dangers and medicine hazards ... plus there's a selection of popular 'Spot The Dangers' worksheets and on-line activities. Home safety advice is absolutely essential for children of all ages but nursery and pre-school children (and KS1) can be particularly vulnerable when they're unsupervised and encounter home hazards like the risks from electricity, medicines, poisons and chemicals, garden ponds and dangers in the kitchen.
Teaching home safety to kids is easy because there are so many free resources, quizzes, games, colouring pages and printable 'Spot the Dangers' worksheets available on the internet. We've listed a few below to get you started; some focus exclusively on one area of safety in the home (like electricity) while others tackle all of the potential dangers including fire, scalds, burns, medicines, sharp objects, etc. whether in the kitchen, bathroom, garden or garage.
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This free Home Safety Game is available to download or play on-line and it's for children aged 5 upwards (to year 4) at KS1 and KS2. Kids move around a virtual house and try to find dangers and hazards like risks from scalding, burning or electric shocks. Search the lounge, kitchen, garden, bathroom and bedrooms to find all the dangers. Teachers benefit from the printable learning packs (National Curriculumn PSHE KS1 and KS2) which include 'spot the danger' worksheets, quizzes and colouring pages.

safeville Visit Gus over at Safeville where he'll teach young children age 3 to age 7 (up to First Grade) about the dangers of medicines, chemicals and all about poison prevention. Tour the town - visit a school, house, police station and store - and have fun learning how to stay safe. A joint safety project between Wisconsin Poison Centre and the Children's Health Education Center, this cartoon-style interactive resource uses colourful animation and games to get kids interested in poison prevention and the dangers of medicine.

code red rover The vigilent hazard-spotting hound Code Red Rover knows all about home safety for kids. This instructional video with friendly cartoon characters takes kids on a room-by-room tour of a house and spots the hazards from hot items and advises children to stay away. Examples include a hot stove, a hot kettle, and even the steam from hot food in a microwave. The video is available in Spanish too.
Sammy and Snooper The interactive adventures of Sammy and Snooper the Dog begin with kids making their own personalised 'detective badge' so they can join the detectives on their hunt for safety hazards and dangers around the home. Fun for kids, teachers, parents and carers this interactive on-line game takes kids on a tour of a house (kitchen, garage, bathroom, living room, outdoors, etc.,) to spot the dangers. Spot Snooper the Dog at each location for bonus activities and games.

Not just fire safety, Fire Chief Kidde Bear also helps kids to learn about other dangers around the home like scalding hot saucepans and irons, electric shocks, slips, trips and falls. He uses animations and sounds in an 'animated booklet' to make learning about home hazards in the kitchen, lounge, bedroom and garden both fun and educational. This is a simple but effective interactive 'spot the dangers' resource which is perfect for early years pre-school/pre-kindergarten children.

hazard house A free game called Hazard House is a great interactive tool for teaching home hazards and dangers to children. Explore a kitchen, garden, bathroom, etc., in a 'photo-style' house and spot the hazards like medicines, poisons, alcohol, electricity, and sharp objects. There are 1-player and 2-player options too plus a variety of challenges including a word search and a 'Match the Danger to the Age' picture quiz.

electrical safety Make sure they're Switched-On Kids by visiting this informative website. Learn where electricity comes from and brush-up on electrical safety by exploring a virtual house and receiving safety advice.

Teachers' resources are in four sections and include colouring-in pages and lesson plans covering electrical safety, circuits, switches, etc. There are printable worksheets and quizzes too.

You probably don't know that the UK's British Standards Institution was the world's first body for national standards .... they were established way back in 1901 to further health and safety. Their education section hosts numerous safety resources for educators, children and teenagers; with individual areas for 7-11yr olds, 11-14yr olds, 14-19yr olds and even higher education. Most ages will enjoy tackling their interactive game called 'Standard Eyes'.

child accident prevention trust Visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust for free children's safety in the home worksheets, printable 'True or False?' quizzes and great activities for ages 5-7, ages 7-11 and 11 plus (KS1, KS2, KS3). Kids can enjoy spotting dangers and colouring in pictures while learning about dangers in the kitchen and around the house.

From the US, learn about Chemicals Around Your House with clickable interactive pictures from the US Environmental Protection Agency. UK visitors may not be familiar with many of the chemicals, pesticides and toxic substances; nevertheless this is a helpful learning tool for kids if used under supervision. There are quiz sheets and fact sheets too.

Again from the US, a handy printable leaflet/booklet from the hazard conscious Poison Control Center has a great idea for a safety song to teach very young children about life skills and the dangers of eating or drinking dangerous substances like medicines or poisons in the home and garden (and don't forget the garage and shed too!).

The emergency 'phone number is for US Residents only.

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