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Helping Children with Anxiety and worry

Anxiety and Worry (2)

These are the next four free printable worksheets and colouring sheets covering anxiety and worry in young people.

Discussing the causes and factors of why we worry and get anxious needs an intelligent and sensitive approach. A child with Aspergers, for example, will suffer from anxiety and panic attacks mostly as a result of their genetics but it is important never to 'blame' their genetics due to the obvious repercussions this may have. Some children with Aspergers may have sufficient maturity and understanding to accept "that's the way I'm wired" and this may even be a source of consolation; for others this knowledge may prove to be aggravating and unacceptable and begin a cycle of blaming themselves and others. Always be led by them. Too much information in these circumstances can often be a bad thing.

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DISCLAIMER: This is not professional advice. This is not medical advice. These free resources are only a tool to encourage discussion which you may choose to use to help a child explore anxiety and worry. Every young person is different with very personal experiences and challenges; you are responsible for vetting these resources and deciding whether they are suitable for your purposes and the individuals you wish to help. These free resources are not a substitute for professional advice or medical advice.

What makes us an anxious person The Ingredients for Worry

There are three main ingredients for anxiety and worry; our genetics (ie. what we were born with), the people that have influenced us throughout our life, and all of the events in our life (especially the unhappy and sad events). If you're baking yourself a 'worry cake' these would be your main ingredients although there would be a sprinkling of a few other things too; everybody is very different and so is everybody's life-journey thus far

The balance of factors that make us anxious How the Worry Ingredients are Mixed

This printable colouring sheet / worksheet represents how the quantities of those worry ingredients are different for everybody. Some people suffer from anxiety mostly due to their genetics with the other factors being only a small influence (see left-hand side of sheet). For somebody else it will have been events in their life which has 're-wired' them to become anxious about certain events or situations (see right-hand side of sheet).

Anxiety is with us but it is not us The Anxiety is Not Us

Anxiety is with us ... but it is not us. This free printable 'Anxiety is Not Us' sheet separates the anxiety (represented as a weird little creature) from ourselves. Notice how it is always pointing things out because it wants us to worry ... the speech bubble gives a young person the opportunity to write in what their own 'anxiety creature' keeps reminding them to worry about ... and don't forget to give the creature a name!

Accepting who we are Breathing Exercise for Anxiety

This breathing practice may help a young person to slow down their breathing when feeling particularly stressed or anxious. Between 5 and 10 repetitions is the typical recommendation but you must supervise carefully to decide what is right for them; especially if they have a medical condition or breathing issues such as asthma.

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