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Our free Staying Healthy printables for children can provide a great foundation for project worksheets on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles for young people. Kids can colour in the pages to reinforce the importance of looking after their bodies every day and then also create their own image on the blank study sheet provided using a drawing and some text of their own choice.

Our free sheets provide a helpful starting point for a study pack or workbook on teaching kids about staying fit and healthy so don't forget to spend some time researching other activities or lifestyle choices that can help children understand the importance of looking after their bodies. We've started with printables for teeth brushing, cutting out sugary snacks, eating plenty of fuit and vegetables, exercising regularly and getting plenty of good quality sleep.

picture of toothbrush and toothpaste Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

You should brush your teeth at least twice every day although three times is best. Brushing straight after sugary food or sugary drink is a good idea too. Brushing our teeth properly not only prevents tooth decay and gum disease but also helps to prevent us having bad breath (aka halitosis).

The toothpaste box on this 'healthy lifestyle' colouring page is mostly blank for your own imaginative design.

picture of healthy fruit and vegetables Eat Plenty Of Fruit And Vegetables

Having plenty of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet helps to keep us fit and healthy. They are full of important vitamins and minerals, are a good source of fibre, and provide us with lots of energy from their natural sugars. You should eat 5 different portions every day.

This colouring sheet shows plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables including apples, pears, corn and carrots.

Sleep for Health Get Plenty Of Good Quality Sleep

To stay mentally and physically healthy it's essential to get plenty of good quality sleep. Each child or teenager's sleep requirement will vary but the following is a VERY ROUGH GUIDE:

  • 5yrs-7yrs: 10.5 - 11hrs sleep every night
  • 8yrs-10yrs: 9.75 - 10.25hrs sleep every night
  • 11yrs-14yrs: 9 - 9.5hrs sleep every night
  • 15yrs-16yrs: 8.5 - 8.75hrs sleep every night

Avoid sugary drinks and sugary snacks Avoid Sugary Snacks And Sugary Drinks

Nobody likes this one ! ... but we all know by now that too many sugary drinks and sugary snacks can cause tooth decay, can make us overweight (sometimes even obese) and affect our health.

Try your best to cut down on sweets, chocolate, candy, sugary drinks, etc., and find some tasty alternatives. This free printable colouring page for children has some images of the types of everyday food and snacks that can be full of sugar.

Exercise for health Get Some Regular Exercise

The images on this 'healthy choices' colouring sheet show lots of different (and fun!) ways that children can get some regular exercise and consequently enjoy the benefits of staying fit and healthy. There are countless advantages to getting some regular exercise including stronger bones and muscles, weight control, better sleep, improved mental state and reduced risk of diseases. It's time to turn off that xBox or PS3 and get some fresh air!

Blank sheet for kids' own healthy lifestyle ideas Blank Sheet

Finally, here's a blank colouring sheet for kids to create their own images and text connected with healthy living ..... either as a one-off exercise or maybe as part of a classroom workbook or group activity. They could choose to expand on any of themes already shown above or they could research their own brand new ideas and create their own colourful healthy lifestyle drawings for a display.

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