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Halloween Jokes for Kids

Our small collection of Halloween Jokes for kids is here to help you add some extra fun and silliness to your Halloween activities on 31st October. We've found the same handful of tedious and rubbish Halloween jokes and puns repeated across thousands and thousands of websites so - rather than repeat them all here again - we have deliberately only included those jokes which we feel are original or worthy. If you know of any fresh Halloween jokes for kids or pumpkin related puns then please send them in and we'll add them to the list.

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Why are graveyards so noisy?
Because of all the coffin.

What is a vampire's favourite sport?

Look out for werewolves this Halloween but beware of their relatives too.
The whatwolf and the whenwolf.

Why was the witch's broom late for work?
Because it overswept.

Why are skeletons so calm?
Because nothing gets under their skin.

Why wouldn't the witch wear a baseball cap?
She said there was no point!

What's weird with 15 eyes?
(That's more of a verbal joke ... it doesn't work too well written down!)

Did you hear about the man who found eggs and feathers all over
his house on October 31st? He was being haunted by a poultrygeist.

Why was there no food left at the Halloween party?
Because everyone was a-gobblin'.

What do ghosts like to watch on the internet?
(It's possible that demons use Microsoft Exhell spreadsheets too ...)

How do vampires find their way around?
With a batnav.
(you'd probably hear phrases like "At the 'necks' junction turn left")

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween jokes for children.

That last joke was probably the most frighteningly awful thing you'll experience this Halloween!


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