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Kids' Halloween Colouring

Our very own free printable Halloween Colouring Sheets are new for 2018 and as always they're free to access and easy to print in printer-friendly Adobe PDF format.

You'll find several Halloween pictures for kids to print & colour in including a haunted house with children doing 'trick or treat', a friendly(ish) spider who's also after some Halloween sweets and candy, plus a graveyard with plenty of spooky things to colour in.

Check out our Halloween Activity Sheets too which are a handful of printable activity sheets suitable for a party or event, plus some Halloween Colouring and Printables on other websites.

Haunted House with Trick or Treaters Haunted House with Trick or Treaters
(File Size: 0.2MB)

When Halloween arrives some children like to go 'trick or treating' around their neighbourhood in the hope of receiving candy and other treats. The three children in this printable halloween colouring picture are standing outside of a very weird and spooky looking house and are scared about knocking on the door! Have fun colouring in all of this free kids halloween coloring sheet.

haunted house with no trick or treaters Haunted House with No Trick or Treaters
(File Size: 0.2MB)

This is the same printable halloween PDF sheet of a haunted house as above but we have left space for kids to draw and colour in their own trick or treaters. They might want to give them scary costumes or maybe some fun costumes such as superheroes or movie characters.

Halloween Spider and Pumpkins Spider and Pumpkins
(File Size: 0.1MB)

Watch out! There's a knock on your door on October 31st but it's not children hoping for treats, sweets and candy ... but a giant spider! It's OK though, he's quite friendly and hardly ever bites. There are three pumpkins too and plenty of space on each side of this free printable Halloween picture for kids to design and draw their own scary carved pumpkin. Maybe add some bats & clouds to the printable sheet too.

Spooky Halloween Graveyard Spooky Church Graveyard
(File Size: 0.2MB)

We've left plenty of space in this spooky church graveyard colouring page for kids to draw and colour their own halloween characters, monsters, ghosts, witches and scary happenings. Maybe use it as a template for a Halloween coloring competition or just for extra fun when October 31st finally arrives. As always it's in PDF format ... and as always at it's free ... just like the screams.

(Halloween trivia: cemeteries and graveyards are both burial grounds but what's the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard? Typically a cemetery is a burial ground that is not next to a church).

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