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Our printable pre-filled table of teddy bear names is perfect if you are running a 'Guess the Name of the Bear' competition at a school fete or fundraiser and you need a quick template. Our two printable sheets of teddy bear names are available with either 42 or 60 names and both templates have blank spaces to write in details of the person who has chosen it. The prize is usually the teddy bear himself of course which makes the game even more exciting .... but don't forget to choose the winning teddy name in advance and place it in a sealed envelope so there's no chance of anybody cheating! So save yourself some time and print off one of our free 'Guess the Bear's Name' template sheets to help get your fundraiser or charity event off to a flying start.
guess bears name sheet 'Guess The Name of the Bear' Grid Template
(File Size: 0.1MB)

Here's the first of our 'Guess the Bear's Name' templates which lists 42 teddy bear names in a grid. Examples include Barnaby, Bertie, Fluffy, Sleepy and Tatty. It can easily be printed off on A4 or maybe even A3 sized paper if you need more room to write in the details of people paying to take part in the competition.

guess bears name template Printable 'Guess The Name of the Bear' List
(File Size: 0.1MB)

Here's our second handy pre-filled sheet with a list of 60 teddy bear names suitable for a fund raiser 'Guess the Name of the Bear' competition including a mixture of male and female names along with some general ones like Candy, Buttons and Pebbles. As with the previous template sheet there is room to write down the entrants' details although on this grid the space is quite limited; printing the list onto A3 sized paper would definitely be advantageous.

blank guess bears name sheet Blank Sheet With Teddy Image for Writing On
(File Size: 0.1MB)

Just to make things even easier for you we've created this printable sheet with a teddy bear image and title which you can pin-up to advertise your 'Guess the Name of the Bear' competition and display the cost of having a go.

Fund raising events take a lot of effort so we hope that our free printable lists of teddy bear names save you some time and hassle. If you have any suggestions for other similar name templates or sheets then please contact us.

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