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Combine Harvester

Our free printable Farm Colouring Pages include a variety of farm animals to colour in along with scenes and even a template for kids to create their own busy farmyard scene. Children of all ages are fascinated by agriculture and the variety of animals and machinery that they come across ... from pigs and cows to tractors and combine harvesters there are plenty of great subjects for some farm colouring-in sheets. Boys and girls alike are fascinated by farms so it's not surprising that our free printable farmyard pictures to colour in are so popular. Some kids love the variety of animals like pink pigs, black and white cows or woolly sheep, and some kids love the machines and vehicles like combine harvesters, tractors and trailers. Either way, whether they're pre-school or elementary school, our farm colouring pictures are a great way to learn about this busy environment that provides us with food and drink like crops and milk.

Farm Yard Busy Farm Yard Colouring Page    (File Size: 1.9MB)

Our detailed printable farmyard colouring page shows a busy scene with plenty of farm animals and buildings for kids to colour in such as a tractor, stables, cows and a field full of sheep. Don't forget the farmer's house and combine harvester far off in the distant too.

Farm Yard Farm Yard Scene Colouring Page    (File Size: 0.7MB)

This image is identical to the one above except that all of the detail such as the animals and machinery have been removed to leave an empty farm yard scene so that children can draw in their own choice of animals, people and maybe even a combine harvester or tractor.

Cows in a Field Colouring Page of Cows in a Field   (File Size: 0.7MB)

This printable A4 image of five cows standing in a farmer's field is great for some bold colouring-in using crayons, felt-tips or maybe even paint. Children can decide which colour these inquisitive farm animals should be and then give them plenty of green grass to eat aswell.

Pigs and Piglets Pig and Piglets Colouring Page   (File Size: 1MB)

It's time to dig out the pink felt-tips because this line drawing of pigs and piglets standing by their pig sties needs brightening up. The pigs in this printable farm scene are happy because they are 'free range' .... which means the farmer has given them plenty of space to walk and run around and forage for food.

Sheepdog with Sheep Sheep and Sheepdog Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.6MB)

Sheepdogs are hard working farm pets that help the farmer to round up his sheep and move them from one place to another. The farmer usually uses special whistles or calls to tell the sheepdog what to do; the dog in our picture appears to have the sheep nicely under control.

Horse and Foal Horse and Foal Colouring Page   (File Size: 0.4MB)

Taken from our horse colouring page collection, this image shows a horse and its foal together in a field. In the past, horses were commonly used for many farm tasks (like pulling a plough or for transport) but today they have been replaced by efficient modern machinery like tractors and combine harvesters.

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