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Our collection of free printable general knowledge and trivia quizzes for children continues to grow ...... we provide budding quiz-masters with a free selection of quizzes to download or print that ranges from our very own twenty question multiple choice random facts and figures quizzes (including very popular 'true or false?' questions), through to sheets about the Simpsons, Shakespeare, Christmas and Easter. Our printable A-Z brain-teasers for kids are available in 'easy' to 'hard' format to suit kindergarten aged kids to teenagers.

Some of our pages include original content whilst others will include helpful links to other websites. To get you started here are our Newest Trivia and General Knowledge Quizzes.

To date, we can offer ......
  • our own free printable Multiple Choice Trivia Quizzes with each sheet containing multiple choice questions suitable for a wide age range. The subject areas are broad and include history, celebrities, pop music, spelling, technology, true or false, and much more. We also have themed Quiz Questions for Teenagers and Older Children on topics such as weather, food, the amazing Dr Who, British History and teenagers themselves.

  • we have compiled a helpful archive of Kids' Trivia Questions We've Tweeted so that you can use them to put together your very own fun quiz at home, at school, for a party, or whatever suits you at the time! It's important to note that a selection of the questions are DATE SENSITIVE so you'll need to check they are still relevant when you use them or print them off; the date they were tweeted is given for each one.

  • GO FOR GOLD ! by printing out our 2012 Olympic Games Quiz Sheet which contains ten random trivia questions about the Summer Olympic Games.

  • take a limo ride to our Celebrity Quiz Page for question and answer sheets about the massive names and movies we love to watch at the cinema or on DVD.

  • our Easy Simpsons Quiz Sheet and our tricky Hard Simpsons Quiz Sheet are perfect for fans of the famous American family of Springfield.

  • the literary genius William Shakespeare has his own printable PDF document (not written with a quill of course) which tests kids and teenagers on Shakespeare's life and works. There's a simpler multiple choice version to suit younger children plus a more difficult version with no prompts.

  • our printable A-Z quiz sheets challenge kids of all ages with 26 totally random alphabetically themed questions. The free-to-print sheets are suitable from about 5 years old up to teenagers ... and adults can give them a try too!

  • Always very popular with a wide variety of ages are Wordsearch Sheets .... we have themes such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Weather, home hazards or even Roald Dahl. We've just launched some Two-Player Word Search Sheets too.

  • our blank A-Z brain teaser sheets provide teachers or parents with an instant quiz format that can be tailored to suit any topic from science to The Simpsons.

  • Our True or False Quiz Sheet provides an instant sheet of fifteen general knowledge questions (and answers) for a quick 10 minute quiz in the classroom.

  • our free printable christmas quizzes contain Christmas general knowledge and trivia quiz questions for some instant Xmas fun. We have two versions - one with multiple choice answers to suit younger children, and a version without multiple choice to provide a festive challenge for older children. Both have the same 20 Christmas trivia quiz questions to spruce up the Holidays. We now have an Easter Trivia sheet too for questions about Easter Sunday and all its traditions.

  • external webpages that you may find useful can be found at free quiz questions for children and even more quiz questions for children. Both of these pages provide links to a collection of resources that may be useful to a budding quiz-master.

  • try our environment quizzes if you need resources to test kids' and teens' knowledge of environmental issues and how they can help save our precious planet. We have some animal quizzes too plus ten multiple choice quiz questions about Africa which are the start of a series of brain-teasers all about our continents.

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