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As school curriculums focus increasingly on environmental issues and climate change, the need for both basic and detailed childrens' global warming resources, facts and figures increases. We have consequently researched a handful of websites to assist with school homework, projects or general education, to act as a starting point for kids to learn about global warming and other environmental issues affecting the earth. Many of the pages have further links to assist with research.
Some sites for younger children include free printable global warming colouring pictures and images to help teach the importance of sustainability and there are a variety of free kids' games too plus some environmental quizzes to test their knowledge. Older children can make use of more advanced sites that describe issues surrounding CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases.

The United States' E.P.A. have a kids' Climate Change section that clearly explains what global warming is, the greenhouse effect and how there's been an increase in the Earth's average temperature. This is a great source of information for a school project or homework and provides a handy teaching resource to help kids learn about global warming. There are PDF format printable sheets in the Teachers Area on how children can make a difference (like planting trees, recycling, walking and cycling instead of driving a car) and FAQ's about global warming.

There are a few free games, quizzes and puzzles too for adding a bit of fun to lessons plus interactive flash animations and quizzes on the carbon cycle and earth processes. Impact calculator too!

Meet Professor Polar Bear and his endangered animal teaching chums at the excellent Study Hall for information on what causes global warming. Explanations are categorised for both beginners and experts so it's easy for kids to learn why we must care about CO2 and methane levels. There are free children's' printable colouring pages, quizzes and activities too to print off at home or school, all available in a downloadable complete book in PDF format. Other educational resources include lesson plans in the 'Teacher's Lounge'.

Top quality Environment News Stories at Time for Kids includes current news and past stories on climate change. There's a long list of of how to make a difference like 'Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle' and choosing energy efficient vehicles, plus free earth-friendly games and quizzes like the Arctic Trivia Quiz. There's a page of questions and answers (FAQ's) too.

The UK Space Agency Environment pages describe how UK engineering and science boffins are involved with numerous space missions to capture data about the Earth and its environment. The long term aim is to enable scientists to provide reliable information on the impact of human beings on our planet. Learn how satellites provide data on climate change, land monitoring and pollution by using equipment like the AATSR (Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer) on board the Envisat satellite which provides sea surface temperatures.

Study climate change with free Global Warming Lesson Plans which are aimed at Middle School and High School aged pupils. Lessons include an 'Introduction to Global Warming' and 'Greenhouse Effect Debate' with links to on-line visualization tools. Classroom activities will help students appreciate the effect of human beings on the Earth and understand the for and against arguments.

A mixture of Simple Facts on Global Warming plus advanced arguments make this site a helpful free study resource for older kids. Printable PDF documents include 'Are Humans Responsible for Global Warming?'; other articles cover carbon, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, and links between air pollution and asthma.

There's just one helpful page at this 'educational venue' called Carbon for Kids but it has enough pictures, photographs and movies to clearly demonstrate the problems of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. Useful additions to an environmentally themed lesson plan or research project.

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