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Welcome to our collection of free Children's Environment Quizzes that are not just fun, educational and informative but they also help kids, teenagers and adults to properly understand the depth of the global impact of human activity and maybe bring about a change in their lifestyles to help protect the future of our beautiful planet.

Our collection includes on-line interactive tests along with printable environment quizzes and trivia either in multiple choice format or straightforward eco questions and answers .... and don't forget to print out the quizzes on environmentally friendly recycled paper!

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Our free printable global warming worksheet for children provides a simple introduction to greenhouse gases for kids; it will be most suitable for age 8 to age 12 although teenagers may benefit too. Use it as a classroom or home-school worksheet or maybe as an an environmental quiz sheet. Our second printable (below) focusses on the climate change caused by global warming.

The answers are on the second page of the PDF document.

Thumbnail Image for Climate Change Worksheet Climate Change Worksheet
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This free printable climate change worksheet or test sheet attempts to put climate change in perspective. Some children think it is a brand new phenomenon when it has actually been happening for millions of years albeit due to natural events. This sheet compliments our global warming worksheet (above) and easily stimulates further discussion.

The answers can be found on the second page.

Thumbnail Image for Climate Change Quiz Climate Change and Global Warming Quiz
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This free printable 'True or False?' environment quiz sheet about global warming and climate change has eight questions and is most suitable for age 8 to age 12 although teenagers may learn something too. Use it in conjunction with the two worksheets above or just as a stand-alone quiz sheet. The questions and answers often generate further discussion which is a perfect prompt for further research.

Detailed answers to the quiz are on the second page.

Thumbnail Image for Global Warming Word Search Global Warming Word Search
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Our printable word search quiz sheet for kids provides a quick environment themed classroom task perfect for concluding a study session on global warming or climate change. There are 12 words for children to find including carbon dioxide, fossil fuels and greenhouse gas.

A solution to the word search is included too.

The Science Museum offer four energy learning zones for kids (each one with its own on-line childrens quiz) that teach us and test us about how energy impacts on every aspect of our life. Typically suitable for age 7 to teenagers (up to age 14) there's plenty of great free resources about important topics like fossil fuels and climate change plus tips and tricks about energy conservation. Free games and animations too!
environment quiz logo The Ecological Footprint Quiz is a free on-line lifestyle survey that estimates your 'ecological footprint'. The free quiz is a glimpse at how we all impact upon on our planet as it assesses your consumption of energy, food, housing, goods, etc., and then estimates an area of ocean and land required to support your personal lifestyle. There are helpful tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint too.
OXFAM's multiple choice Human Impact on Climate Change Quiz is aimed at age 11+ (KS3, KS4, 6th Grade+). It's key aim is to send the message that countries most impacted by climate change are quite often the least responsible. The ten questions are supported by detailed answers.

This straight-talking on-line Global Warming Quiz for young people comes with a warning that it's not based on media hype. All quiz questions have detailed answers and there are many links to other relevant resources too. Suitable for teenagers only due to the detailed data.
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