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Our free printable Blank Traffic Survey Sheets for kids are in 'printer friendly' Adobe PDF format and provide a quick and simple resource for teachers and pupils working on a local traffic survey project, vehicle count or maybe a pedestrian survey.

There are two traffic count sheets available to print. One is pre-filled with a selection of vehicle types (such as cars, buses, motorcycles, lorries, etc.) while the other one is left blank for the class to create their own tailor-made project-specific form.

Image of blank traffic survey sheet Blank Traffic Survey Sheet

This pre-filled traffic count sheet contains a row for the following vehicle types:
  • bicycles
  • motorcycles
  • cars
  • vans / pick-ups
  • small lorries
  • articulated lorries
  • buses / coaches
  • construction vehicles
  • farm vehicles
  • other
  • two blank rows for your own categories
Image of blank traffic survey sheet Blank Traffic Survey Sheet (no vehicle types)

This printable sheet does not have any vehicle types added so it can be filled in to suit the specific purpose of the survey ... whether it's for vehicles or pedestrians.

In common with the first sheet, however, it has spaces to enter important data relating to the survey such as:
  • date
  • day
  • start time
  • end time
  • total survey time
  • location
  • weather
  • name of the person/people carrying out the survey
Both sheets are designed to work as tally charts, with the final count for each vehicle entered into the 'Total' box at the end of each row.

Children must TAKE EXTREME CARE when they are near vehicles.

Traffic surveys must be carried out from a safe location well away from moving vehicles, and under close adult supervision.

Consider also the use of warning signs and high-visibility clothing if appropriate.
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