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Welcome to our fun, free and educational collection of general knowledge Animal Quizzes for children and young people. Our printable animal quiz sheets are all available in printer friendly Adobe PDF format and provide a mixture of multiple choice questions (with answers) and 'True or False?' questions about the lives, habits, diets and challenges of some of the Earth's most amazing and popular animals.
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To date, our collection of free animal quizzes includes multiple choice questions and answer sheets for children about our beautiful and majestic lions, shy and gentle gorillas, enormous elephants, and the great white shark.
image of a lion Quiz About Lions   (File Size: 0.5MB)

Lions are large carnivorous mammals that predominantly live wild in Africa and North-West India. The only member of the cat (feline) family that lives in social groups, the powerful yet stealthy lion has the honour of having featured in images, icons, myths and stories around the world for countless years.

image of a gorilla Quiz About Gorillas   (File Size: 0.5MB)

This printable animal quiz sheet features the powerful gorilla. They can be extremely aggressive and intimidating when they need to, but they typically live a gentle and peaceful life in the wild where they live socially under the watchful eye of a dominant male (silverback) who leads and protects the group.

image of meerkats Quiz About Meerkats   (File Size: 0.4MB)

A member of the mongoose family, wild meerkat populations are generally confined to the Kalahari Desert in the south of Africa. They are very social and playful mammals often best known for the amusing way that they stand upright on their back legs for long periods of time when watching for predators.
image of a shark Quiz About Sharks   (File Size: 0.5MB)

The blockbuster movie 'Jaws' made the great white shark famous and feared the world over! Children can take our free multiple choice test and learn some facts about the great white shark including their feeding habits, their offspring, their awesome renewable teeth and their behaviour in our oceans.

image of an elephant Quiz About Elephants   (File Size: 0.5MB)

Elephants are not only our largest living land mammals but they are also a firm family favourite whether in a zoo, a safari park, book or movie. In some countries elephants are used as a symbol of wisdom and there is a famous saying that "an elephant never forgets" ... so they'd be good at our quizzes !
image of a horse Quiz About Horses   (File Size: 0.5MB)

Our printable horse quiz will teach you and test you about these beautiful and graceful animals. Since being domesticated several thousand years ago, the horse has tirelessly served man either as a working animal, in world wars, through competitive sports or just for simple leisure pursuits.
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