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It's our mission to provide a collection of free resources for children (and consequently teachers or parents) that are interesting, educational or fun (or all three!). Our main focus will be the creation of our own unique collection of free printable quizzes and free printable colouring pages but we will also research and provide links to other websites that we feel may be helpful or informative for children and young people whether studying at home or at school.

You will have noticed a limited number of adverts on our website. Some adverts generate income when they are clicked (like Google Adsense) and some generate income if you click on them and then proceed to buy something from an on-line shop. These adverts exist to help pay for the cost of our web-hosting fees. We try to avoid annoying pop-up adverts or anything that is overly intrusive but please tell us if any of our adverts are irritating or cause offence in any way.

PLEASE READ OUR DISCLAIMER PAGE because it gives important warnings and disclaimers about our external links, downloads, and anything that you may access from our website.

Remember that our content and links are purely for guidance and we cannot guarantee the accuracy, safety or suitability of any web page you visit or any program, file or data you download.

Always surf carefully.

Always use a firewall, virus protection and spyware protection on your PC.

Always question what you see on your screen.

Be cautious on the World Wide Web.

Be suspicious.

Don't reveal personal information unless absolutely essential.

Trust no one.

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